Facilitating Successful Learning Transfer and Habit Change.

Talent Accelerator is a behaviour change platform that facilitates learning transfer and habit change to support training, coaching and learning pro- grammes with a focus on development goals built on the latest research providing targeted measurement of goal progress to measure actual be- haviour change.

Facilitating Successful Behaviour
Change: Beyond Goal Setting to Goal Flourishing.


Features & Benefits of Talent Accelerator

Talent Accelerator provides a structured way to implement goal intentions and help translate them into actual practice plans.
  • Talent Accelerator is a behaviour change platform that can facilitate learning transfer and habit change to support your training, coaching and learning programmes
  • Allows a participant access and use for 1 year (can be extended to support longer programmes)
  • Focuses on development (ongoing) more than outcome (date based) goals
  • Provides targeted feedforward through a pulse survey to measure goal progress to measure actual behaviour change
  • Uses the latest research on goal setting (intentions and implementation with triggers/behaviors to reach goal)
  • Provides a structured scheduled approach to acquiring feedback (every 90 days with each goal)
  • Supports annual performance review cycles for talent development
  • Provides a dashboard for HR, stakeholders who can track goal setting/evaluation and generate overall reports for cohorts of participants in a coaching or training program

A Complete Learning Transfer and Habit Change Platform

Increase behaviour change and measure the ROI of your program when you use Talent Accelerator in your training, coaching and development programmes.

Talent Accelerator is our learning transfer platform based on the latest habit and behaviour change neuroscience research. It allows you to manage, track and evaluate training, coaching and leadership development engagements. It provides your participants with a structured goal setting and evaluation process and increases learning transfer before, during and after their programme participation.

Change Behaviour

Facilitates learning transfer as part of your development programs.

Monitor Progress

Enables you to keep track of your participant’s development planning progress

Track ROI

Demonstrates ROI of your programmes.

Standardise Methods

Offers a structured approach to personal development planning